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Terms and Conditions for Accepting Applications to Establish Media Associations

        Applications for the non-profit media associations establishment shall be submitted in accordance with the terms and                                conditions required by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, taking into consideration the following:


​1.  Submit a letrements: ter with the foundation application that includes:

    • The scope of the society's qualitative and geographical work and the areas in which it operates, and the definition of its purposes, nature of its activity, objectives and means of achieving it
    • The name, surname, age, occupation, place of residence, national ID, contact number, e-mail, cv and social media account of each founding member.
    ​​​2.  Article of association draft including categories, terms and conditions of association's membership

    3.  Association plan on the programs and projects expected to be implemented during the first year of its establishment, the financial resources of the association and the method of utilizing and disposing of them.


      • ​​The association should have a specific and clear media specialty in one of the media specialties
      • ​The name of the association should be Arabic and distinctive derived from its purpose and does not lead to confusion between it and another association or institution with which it shares the scope of its geographical or qualitative work.
      • ​The number of founding members of the association practicing media work in the local media should not be less than 70% and have experience in media field at least five years, or affiliated with the Saudi Journalist Association
      • ​A member must not have been penalized by the primary and appeals committees concerned with looking into violations of the provisions of the Press and Publication Law during the three years preceding the date of submitting the application
      • ​Commitment to the country's media policy and implement all regulations and law, the founding members bears full responsibility in case of any violation.

    Non-profit media associations management E-mail: