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Mr. Saud bin Nassar Al-Hazmi​

Acting CEO of GCAM

We live today a major developmental renaissance in various sectors approved by Vision 2030 to enhance the pivotal role the Kingdom plays at the regional and international levels. Based on this fact, the national media must be pioneering and assume responsibility in providing valuable content that is transparent and reliable.

From the beginning, the success of the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) strategy was based on achieving its goals by establishing a work system that would create a qualitative shift in ensuring that the audiovisual sector is developed and aligned with Vision 2030, in terms of regulating, developing, and monitoring the content of the audiovisual broadcasting activity.

In the same context, GCAM is working on a number of initiatives, projects and programs intended to transform the entertainment sector into an integrated national industry aimed at increasing the size of media market so as to provide an appropriate climate that would diversify the economic income sources, create thousands of jobs for Saudi youth of both sexes, and attract more business leaders to develop and invest in this field in order to become one of the national economy’s strategic sources.

Our goal today is to work on making the tools needed to advance the capabilities of national competencies in media entities, in a manner that would raise the creative skills of workers and provide a distinct media message, in addition to supporting the talents and developing the skills of young competencies in order to become able to play a greater role in the process of strengthening the Kingdom's position at the regional and international levels.

All of this will contribute to achieving the ambitious directions to which we look forward in the future and which are heading towards what the Kingdom’s vision is aimed at in providing various entertainment options for both citizens and residents, as well as increasing the annual spending on entertainment activities.


General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) was established under the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 236, dated 21 Rajab 1433 H as a body with independent legal personality enjoying financial and administrative independence. In Shawwal 1433 H, the Regulations of GCAM, which includes that the Commission shall have a board of directors chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Media, was approved.

GCAM is entitled to regulating and supervising the audiovisual media sector within a framework that guarantees a clear methodology for all stakeholders, including beneficiaries, entities and workers of this field, in accordance with the Kingdom's media policy.

Seeking to establish a pioneering infrastructure for the sector, GCAM is moving forward with steady steps to develop all types of activities related to audiovisual media, and to monitor its content, ensuring the provision of high-quality services and a diverse and beneficial media content, in addition to raising the level of entertainment options for the consumer, in the interest of market transparency and the promotion of the Kingdom’s established values.

GCAM also looks forward to the future through developing media talents, enhancing locally produced content, and increasing the proportion of the media sector's contribution to job creation, as well as adopting the most recent trends and best practices approved at the regional and global levels.

Contributing to the achievement of Vision 2030, GCAM seeks to create an investment environment to enable national media companies, attract foreign direct investments, and stimulate economic activity in the areas of audiovisual media.